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Karen BadingKaren Bading

Karen V. Bading lives her lifelong interest in stories in her work and her play. She has always been fascinated with the stories of individuals and organizations: how things are and how they got to be that way. Most of all, she listens for how the story could come out better, for possibilities even more effective, collaborative, fair and satisfying. Including not just words, but also movement, energy and emotions, Karen's coaching, designed learning, and large and small group facilitation all aim to shift the story to bring out the best in individuals and organizations.

Karen created Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting to develop business leaders who want to expand their definition of good work and lead satisfying, balanced lives; leaders who strive, in the words of Peter Senge, "to think with their hearts and feel with their minds." Infrasonics refers to sounds below the frequency audible to the human ear. For coaching and consulting it refers to listening beneath the words for what wants to happen with an individual or an organization. As a coach and consultant specializing in leadership and leadership conversations, she has 30 years experience with learning and change in both public and private sectors. Clients include Agilent Technologies, EDS, Rockwell-Collins, City of Pasadena, Hewlett-Packard, MCI, and Los Angles Educational Partnership.

Fast paced and funny one moment, heart centered and quiet the next, and always informed by a quick intelligence, Karen delights in moving individuals and groups past their perceived limits into new stories of achievement and satisfaction. Her training and coaching produce measurable results for teams and individuals. Less concerned with what people know about than with what they can do, she keeps her coaching clients focused on new choices that get results.

Karen has a Bachelor's Degree in English (stories), a Master's Degree in Counseling (more stories), certification in NLP and Syntax (changing the stories). She is certified by Newfield Network in Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery (changing the storyteller and the story). Karen speaks nationally on Leadership Story and Conversations that Build Community. She offers teleclasses on "Success Conversations." She is a returning radio guest on Success Becomes You! heard on A member of conCenter Alliance; Karen has her own coach supporting her continuous growth and learning.

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