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Dee Kinder
Professional Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach

Dee Kinder is founder and president of Success Enterprises and NLP Midwest, an international coaching, consulting and training company. Comfortable with diverse people and organizations, Dee's clients include CNH, Hyatt Hotels, Jeld-Wen, Sun Microsystems, Rockwell-Collins,Union Pacific Railroad, USDA Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, US Forest Service, Stanford and West Virginia Universities, as well as the Omaha and Ponca Indian Tribes.

With more than 25 years of business and sales experience in the areas of banking, real estate, insurance and securities, as well as airline and travel management, Dee's training is based on real-world experiences. Dee's integrity, energy, humor and support consistently invite enthusiastic and transformational participation from her audiences. Ultimately, the emphasis in all her work is on getting skills “in the muscle,” available when needed in the work environment.

In all of her ventures, Dee has a demonstrated ability to define problems and initiate and implement action to produce satisfactory results, having designed and run workshops and in-house training in a variety of business and communications-related subjects. She is an excellent communicator, with the ability to conduct effective coaching and training programs by relating information in a concise, usable way. Dee served as host of "Success Becomes You," a weekly internet radio talk show in which Dee and her guests shared their success strategies and secrets with her listeners and callers. The audio from this radio show is available for download.

She has recently co-authored a short book entitled “A Tale of Three Brothers”, which introduces the Success Thinking Strategy™, which she uses in all of her work.

Dee was certified in NLP through a Master's training and cultural immersion in Bali and was certified as an NLP trainer by NLP co-founder Judith DeLozier. Other certifications include DiSC Behavior Styles, MetaPro, Syntax Communication Modeling, Dilts Strategy Group and both Merkis and TimeMentor Simulations.

Her affiliations include the NLP Millennium Project, conCenter Alliance, and ICF (International Coach Federation.) She is a past board member of the NLP Research and Recognition Project and past President of the Executive Board of NLP IASH (Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health), an NLP International Education, Research and Membership organization.

When not at work, she can be found relaxing by the lake south of Omaha, Nebraska and enjoying various visiting grandchildren. Send Dee an email.

Certifications Include:

  • Certified Coach - NLP & Coaching Institute (ICF Approved Course)
  • NLP – Trainer Certified by NLP co-founder Judith DeLozier, 1994
  • NLP Master's training and Cultural Immersion – Bali, Indonesia, 2001
  • Inscape – DiSC Behavior Profiles and Assessments (Dee is an independent Authorized Distributor of Inscape Publishing)
  • s/b MetaPro Profiling System
  • Syntax Communication
  • Merkis Business Simulation
  • TimeMentor Simulation
  • Step Up to Life Program

Dee Kinder


Dee is an internationally recognized trainer. Her extensive training world-wide includes:

Canada: “Supervisory Skills and Behavior Assessment Training” for CNH International

China: NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer Certifications

Kenya: “Step Up to Life” for Kijabe Hospital Staff

Kuala Lumpur: Guest Presenter at 1st Asian NLP Conference

Latvia: “The HeART of Training” (Trainer Development and Platform Skills) for Nordic Training International and “Team Building and Sales Training” for Excelsio Company

Malaysia: NLP Master Practitioner Certification

Mexico: “Creating Health in Our Lives”

Moscow: “How to Create Values-Based Businesses”

Peru: “Structure of Belief Change for Mental Health Professionals”

Ukraine: “Living Our Mission”


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