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Dixie Clark Dixie Clark

Dixie Clark, MS, CPC, LMHP has been a therapist for 20 years, and brings a loving, compassionate energy to her work. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Health Practitioner and Trainer in NLP, Reconnective Healing Practitioner™, trained in Healing From the Body Level UpSM, Noetic Field Practitioner as well as a Reiki Master. Combining these skills with wisdom, intuition, and humor, she is able to assist people in finding their strengths and developing a true belief in their abilities.

Through these powerful techniques, she works on an emotional, spiritual and energetic level to assist clients in releasing emotional blocks, heal past trauma and change limiting beliefs. Her integrity and spirituality are evident in the way she honors the experience of each person while helping them bring meaning to each situation and find purpose in their life. Her work also involves helping people identify what they truly want in life, and make the changes necessary to move towards their desired outcomes, and reach their full potential.

Dixie conducts trainings with corporations and groups designed to promote healing, personal growth, and higher states of consciousness. She has a strong belief in the strength of the human spirit, and the ability of each person to step in to their soul’s destiny. She is a strong advocate of listening to your heart, following your passion, and opening up to the joy of life.

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