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Coaching … A powerful approach to personal and professional transformation.

How Does it Work?

Coaching begins with an initial interview, in which your coach gathers information and designs the way that you will work together. Regular telephone appointments maintain the focus and momentum. You, the client, determine the agenda for each session.

Each coaching relationship is unique and tailored to the client. Together you will design the way the coaching will proceed. You may use it to strategize, brainstorm, design steps to your goal, report on progress or discuss pitfalls. The coach provides you with the structure, support and accountability that helps you bring the plan to action. Your coach helps you stay on track.

Coaching is hot. Is it right for you?

Read this great article in Fortune magazine including a quote from one of our Success Partners, Charles Feltman >

Your coach provides structure to allow you to achieve your desired results by:

Clarifying the client's Life Purpose and Key Values

Identifying the client's immediate goals

Creating accountability in achieving the stated goals

Holding the client's agenda throughout

Establishing trust

Guaranteeing confidentiality

Defining the coaching role

Establishing ground rules for the successful coaching relationship

Eliciting your commitment to your:

Hidden Diversities
By Dee Kinder

One of the most common sources of stress and conflict in the workplace is what I classify as “hidden diversities.” Hidden diversities are the ways in which individuals think and behave. Click here to download the full article >



Most successful learning style for client

Fees and payment schedule

Ground rules for sessions or calls

Benefits of Working With a Coach:

Like having a personal trainer for your own personal excellence

Gives you a partner to provide feedback and support

Provides structure and accountability for your goals or projects

Helps you to achieve peak performance

Gives you control on the "inner game" that goes on in our minds

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