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Charles Feltman Charles Feltman

Charles Feltman coaches executives and managers in several areas including leadership development and presence, effective team leadership, strategic planning, and conflict management. With experienced executives and upper-level managers he works to further extend and fine-tune their leadership capacity, and to deal effectively with the challenges they face at their level. With mid-level managers his focus is on expanding their ability to lead at higher levels as their careers advance.

Charles works in partnership with his clients to identify the full range of internal and external resources available to them in service to achieving their highest goals. To the coaching partnership he brings a commitment to his clients' excellence and well-being.

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In addition to coaching individuals, Charles coaches teams and workgroups who know they should be more innovative and productive than they are, but are not able to achieve their desired results. In this capacity Charles often helps teams deal with issues of trust, conflict, commitment and accountability.

Charles has over 15 years of professional experience in coaching, organizational development consulting, and training. He started his coaching and organizational consulting business, now called Insight Coaching, in 1990 after working in top level management in the high-tech industry during the 1980s and serving in higher education management in the 1970s.

His clients include executives working for such companies as Intel, The Aerospace Corp., Cognizant, Siemens, Cisco Systems, and National Semiconductor. He has also coached executives in global service companies such as Hill & Knowlton, Milward Brown, and Burson-Marstellar; in US government agencies NASA and USDA; and in global “public benefit” corporations including Heifer International.

Charles earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from U.C. Santa Cruz longer ago than he cares to think about, and a master's in communication and technology management from the University of Southern California. He holds an International Coach Federation (ICF) credential of Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Charles received formal training as a coach from The Newfield Network, is a Newfield Certified Ontological Coach™, and currently serves as a mentor coach for students in Newfield's coach training programs. He is also a certified mediator and conflict resolution facilitator, certified father and grandfather.

Charles currently lives in and works out of San Luis Obispo on California's beautiful central coast. To reach Charles, send an email to, or call him at 805-784-9570.

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