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Success Enterprises/NLP Midwest was founded in 1990 to provide practical skill-based training to individuals, businesses, education and government. We have trained thousands of people nationwide, as well as in Canada, Mexico, Russia, Latvia, Peru, China, Malaysia, the Ukraine and Kenya. We are well known for quality and excellence in providing practical real-world skills.

Success Associates

Dee Kinder, Principal

Karen Bading
Dixie Clark
Janet Crawford
Charles Feltman
Laurie Johnson
Lisa Marshall
Kay Sandberg
Larry Solow
Ugis Strauss

Dee Kinder

Success Partners

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Benchmark Communications
NLP University
Infrasonics Coaching and Consulting
Insight Coaching
Morningstar Center
NLP and Coaching Institute
Nordic Training International
Omaha Healing Arts Center
The Smart Work Company
Syntax Communication Modeling Corporation


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